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Insolar Exchange Fees

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Dep. Deposit fees Trade Trading fees Withdrawal Withdrawal fees
- 0.1% 3.2 INS Sign up
- 0.15% 3.7 INS Sign up
- 0.1% 2.6 INS Sign up
- 0.1% / 0.15% 2.5 INS Sign up
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What is Insolar?

Insolar is building an open-source enterprise-grade blockchain platform to enable seamless interactions between companies and new growth opportunities powered by distributed trust. It creates cost efficiencies and new revenue streams, and powers transformative business models. Insolar’s cloud-based, blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) architecture introduces dozens of industry-first features. It is rapidly deployable and solves the fundamental challenges of current enterprise blockchains, including scalability, ease of use, and interoperability. Insolar is ranked #1 among blockchain projects in development activity. It has one of the most impressive teams in the industry. These are 30+ full-time engineers, 10+ world-class academic researchers, and a proven team of enterprise leaders, all with extensive industrial experience in blockchain, IoT and AI/ML.

Platform Smart Contracts ETH Token Marketplace Proof Of Work Assets Management Mining

Launch date 2017-12-04
Development status On-going development
Whitepaper Link
Org. Structure Centralized
Open source Yes
HD Wallet Yes
Consensus type Not mineable
Hash algorithm None

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Coin categories

A platform is a group of technologies that are used as a base upon which other applications, processes or technologies are developed.
Smart Contracts
Smart contract is a computer protocol intended to digitally facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract. Smart contracts allow the performance of credible transactions without third parties. These transactions are trackable and irreversible.
ETH Token
Token that is operating on the Ethereum blockchain platform.
The marketplace refers to the activity of buying and selling products.
Proof Of Work
Algorithm wherein the more a miner pays for the computing equipment required to crack the cryptographic puzzle, the better chances there is to score the right to mine the blocks.
Assets Management
A product that allows you to manage assets, both real and virtual.
It's the process by which transactions are verified and added to the public ledger, using computing power

Team members

Position Links
Dmitry Zhulin Founder
Peter Fedchenkov Founder
Pavel Yakshankin Chief Technology Officer
Dmitry Khovratovich Blockchain & smart contracts More info
Eyal Hertzog Product Advisor More info
Michael Terpin Community Advisor More info
David Wachsman PR Advisor More info
Moe Levin Community Advisor More info
Dr. Rawi Abdelal (Harvard Business School)
Prabhakar Reddy Growth Advisor More info
Sebastian Stupurac Strategy Advisor More info
Ted Lisitsyn Business Development Manager (USA)
Frank van der Tol Business Development Manager (Europe)
Natalia Zhoykina Human Resources Director
Max Krugov Marketing Manager
Dmitry Gladkov Lawyer
George Li Strategy Advisor More info
Ilya Perekopsky Strategy Advisor More info
Milo Sprague Technical Advisor
Min H. Kim Community Advisor More info
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