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MinexCoin Exchange Fees

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Dep. Deposit fees Trade Trading fees Withdrawal Withdrawal fees
- 0.2% 0.01 MNX Sign up
- 0.18% 0.001 MNX Sign up
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What is MinexCoin?

MinexCoin is a global payment system built on the low volatility cryptocurrency maintained by an autonomous algorithm with methods proven on traditional financial markets.

Cryptocurrency Payments Proof Of Work Mining

Launch date 2017-03-09
Development status On-going development
Whitepaper Link
Org. Structure Semi-centralized
Open source Yes
HD Wallet No
Consensus type Proof of Work
Hash algorithm Mars

MinexCoin sites

Coin categories

Digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to secure financial transactions, control the creation of additional units, and verify the transfer of assets.
Payment systems, micro-transactions and transfers.
Proof Of Work
Algorithm wherein the more a miner pays for the computing equipment required to crack the cryptographic puzzle, the better chances there is to score the right to mine the blocks.
It's the process by which transactions are verified and added to the public ledger, using computing power

Team members

Position Links
Boris Shulyaev Chief Executive Officer & Founder More info
Ruslan Babych Chief Technology Officer
Peter Rozsa Vice President
Roman Hulenko Blockchain Developer
Vladyslav Zaichuk Lead Blockchain Developer
Serhii Muchychka Blockchain Developer
Pavel Dudenkov Java Developer
Miroslav Demchun Senior PHP Developer
Roman Slysh iOS Engineer
Andrey Chernyy Senior PHP Developer
Vladimir Bobrik Backend Developer
Alexander Stepanov Backend Developer
Dmitriy Ivanenko Backend Developer
Denys Zbitniev Backend Developer
Eugene Antonov Devops Engineer
Maksim Grab Front End Developer
Arsen Tsvetkov Frontend Developer
Roman Babichev QA engineer
Maksim Khobotin Android Developer
Aleksey Zubko UI&UX Designer
Daniel Shulyaev PR and Bounty Manager
Alexey Zagrana Designer
Aleksandr Naidovskiy System Administrator
Alexandr Topalo Chief Operating Officer
Alexandr Rudichenko FInancial Analyst
Oksana Bagro Associate HR Generalist
Irina Sivun Head of Customer Care
Arevik Dumikian Customer Support
Michael Dzubanivskyii Customer Support
Zahar Goncharenko Customer Support
Karina Logvinova Customer Support
Dmitriy Rozhenko Customer Support Manager
Yehor Babenko Customer Support Manager
Lyudmila Tovstenko Chief Marketing Officer
Kateryna Doljenko Chief Strategy Officer
James Berman Technical Consultant
Merenkova Marina Advisor
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