Zilliqa Fees

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Zilliqa Exchange Fees

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Dep. Deposit fees Trade Trading fees Withdrawal Withdrawal fees
- 0.1% 47.2 ZIL Sign up
- 0.25% 30.0 ZIL Sign up
10801.0 ZIL 0.1% / 0.2% 10801.0 ZIL Sign up
- 0.15% 30.0 ZIL Sign up
- 0.2% 27.1537 ZIL Sign up
- 0.1% 37.4 ZIL Sign up
- 0.18% 13.0 ZIL Sign up
- 0.1% / 0.15% 20.0 ZIL Sign up
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What is Zilliqa?

Zilliqa will be the world's first high-throughput public blockchain platform - designed to scale to thousands ​of transactions per second. Zilliqa brings the theory of sharding to practice with its novel protocol that increases transaction rates as its network expands. The platform is tailored towards enabling secure data-driven decentralised apps, designed to meet the scaling requirements of machine learning and financial algorithms. ​Zilliqa has been under research and development for two years, and powered several ground-breaking deployments commercially. Mainnet is launched, swap of tokens will occur in Q1 2019.

Platform Smart Contracts Scalable Decentralized Applications Blockchain Service Proof Of Work Ethash

Launch date 2017-11-06
Development status On-going development
Whitepaper Link
Org. Structure Centralized
Open source No
HD Wallet No
Consensus type Proof of Work
Hash algorithm Ethash

Zilliqa sites

Coin categories

A platform is a group of technologies that are used as a base upon which other applications, processes or technologies are developed.
Smart Contracts
Smart contract is a computer protocol intended to digitally facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract. Smart contracts allow the performance of credible transactions without third parties. These transactions are trackable and irreversible.
Solutions that attempts to solve the scalability problem.
Decentralized Applications
dApps are applications that run on a P2P network of computers rather than a single computer.
Blockchain Service
A solution for companies wanting to build, host and use their own blockchain apps, smart contracts and functions on the blockchain.
Proof Of Work
Algorithm wherein the more a miner pays for the computing equipment required to crack the cryptographic puzzle, the better chances there is to score the right to mine the blocks.
It's an algorithm that is used by Ethereum, etc. (GPU mining)

Team members

Position Links
Xinshu Dong CEO
Yaoqi Jia Head of Technology
Amrit Kumar Head of Research
Yiling Ding Chief Marketing Officer More info
​Ong En Hui Head of Business Development
Prateek Saxena Chief Scientific Advisor
Juzar Motiwalla Chief Strategist
Max Kantelia ​Chief Evangelist
Addison Huegel Head of Communications
Sophia Fang VP for Business Development More info
Saiba Kataruka Marketing Lead
Han Wen Developer Relations More info
​​Jasmine Song Finance and Operations Executive More info
Ilya Sergey Lead Language Designer
Sandip Bhoir Core Developer More info
Deli Gong Core Developer More info
Haichuan Liu Core Developer
Antonio Nicolas Nunez Core Developer
Kaustubh Shamshery Developer
Jun Hao Tan Core Developer
Sheng Guang Xiao Core Developer More info
Clark Yang Core Developer More info
Jacob Johannsen Compiler Developer More info
Vaivaswatha Nagaraj Compiler Developer More info
Ian Tan Full Stack Devoloper More info
Edison Lim Blockchain Application Developer More info
Siddhartha Sahai Developer
​Evan Cheng Advisor More info
​Aquinas Hobor Advisor
Alexander Lipton Advisor
Loi Luu Advisor
Nicolai Oster Advisor
Stuart Prior Advisor
Christel Quek Advisor
Vincent Zhou Advisor
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